Vitamin D

By Brian Hoyle…

Less Vitamin D, More Inflammation.

Once in a while, something cheap can be effective. And Vitamin D is as free as sunshine.

Chandrashekara, S. and Patted, A. (2015), Role of vitamin D supplementation in improving disease…

Vitamin D replacement improves Rheumatoid Arthritis control.

This study is significant because it comes closest to demonstrating a causal link between Vitamin D and RA: replacing Vitamin D in RA patients with active disease and low Vitamin D improves disease control within a short time. Previously, the association can be explained away as: ill people eat poorly and stay mainly indoors. Wish someone will do similar studies in other conditions associated with insufficient Vitamin D, like Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis. Till then, it’s harmless to replace, and may help. So this is how I do it: either monthly intramuscular D3 200,000iu x 2, or daily oral D3 8,000iu x 2 months, or weekly oral D2 50,000iu x 8 weeks.