Targeted OA Treatments

The Importance of the mTOR Regulatory Network in Chondrocyte Biology and Osteoarthritis

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This review article discusses the importance of the mTOR regulatory network in chondrocyte biology and osteoarthritis.

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New Drug Treatments for Osteoarthritis: What is on the Horizon?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis, yet has historically lagged far behind rheumatoid arthritis in terms of drug development. Despite…
The time for targeted therapy in OA has come. We are understanding better what contributes to pain, cartilage destruction and repair failure in OA, and are developing specific treatments to target such factors. This is Precision Medicine.
The next step is profiling the particular pathologies operative in each patient, and his/her treatment goals. We can then customise treatment-to-target accordingly. This is Personalised Medicine.