Tapering in AS

TNF-α inhibitors (anti-TNFs) are highly effective in treating the symptoms of AS and their use is well established in clinical practice. Unfortunately, they are expensive, potentially toxic and have not been shown conclusively to prevent or reduce structural radiographic progression. In the UK, anec…

Once the disease is in remission, tapering medication can and should be attempted, on cost considerations as well as safety concerns (because money does not grow on trees, and there is no such thing as a perfectly safe drug).
On these 2 counts, the anti-TNFs are the first to go.
Apart from going cold turkey, a better strategy may be to reduce dose or to increase interval of injection/infusion.


Objective. The aim was to evaluate whether anti-TNF discontinuation and tapering strategies are efficacious for maintaining remission or low disease activity (LDA) in patients with axial spondyloarthritis.