Rheumatoid Arthritis

A desire to cure and even prevent RA has led to an increased interest in its earliest phases—those clinically apparent phases of disease before patients have developed the full set of characteristics that allow them to be classified as having RA and the phases of disease prior to the onset of sympto…

A New Hope dawned with the advent of targeted therapies in the treatment of RA. Today, I’ll do a prequel to consider whether we can nip the disease in the bud, preventing it even.

As with most diseases, RA starts with a genetic-environmental menace, festering into an autoimmune (civil) war, and then the dark side gains the upper hand and early signs and symptoms emerge. Our immune system is far more intriguing than any galactic war far far away…

Arthritis predicted 16 years before disease takes hold using new test

Early detection key as early treatment more effective