Rethinking Patellofemoral Pain

Knee Examination

Clinical examination of the knee

A Practical Guide to Understanding and Treating Patellofemoral Pain

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There is no shortcut to accurate diagnosis in the patellofemoral pain patient. Most important in the process is a desire and ability to specifically identify the structural and biomechanical origin of pain. This can…

The Diagnosis and Initial Treatment of Patellofemoral Disorders

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Our purpose is to provide simple guidelines for the diagnosis and early care of patellofemoral disorders. Any clinician who treats knee problems, including family practitioners, rheumatologists, orthopedic…

Patellofemoral Pain: An Enigma Explained by Homeostasis and Common Sense

We present a rational, scientific, low-risk approach to patellofemoral pain (anterior knee pain) based on an understanding of tissue homeostasis. Loss…