Patellofemoral Pain: Do's

Clinical Rehabilitation of Anterior Knee Pain: Current Concepts

Rehabilitation is the hallmark of the nonoperative treatment of anterior knee pain (AKP). Whether a patient has had appropriate rehabilitation can be assessed in the office with a selection of basic and…

PFPS Treatment: Hip and Quadriceps Strengthening

PFPS Treatment: Hip and Quadriceps Strengthening
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Three Simple Tests Predict Physical Function Difficulties in Knee OA

Reliably predict benchmark of failure to walk at least 6,000 steps/day

Patients with knee OA who are unable to walk at least 6000 steps a day have been shown to eventually suffer significant functional disability.  Three clinical tests correlate with failure to meet this benchmark:

  1. Taking longer than 12 seconds on the five times sit to stand test,
  2. Walking slower than 1.22 metres/sec, or,
  3. Taking longer than 323 seconds to walk 400 metres.

Conserving Muscle Mass in Knee, Hip OA Preserves Function

Patients with normal BMI may benefit most