Outcome Measures in PsA

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Measuring disease activity in PsA, and gauging the efficacy of various therapeutic agents, is far more complicated than in RA. Apart from having multiple domains of disease manifestations to assess, these domains may progress at different rates in different patients, and respond differently to different drugs.
So, do we lump or should we split? Are composite scores like MDA better than organ-specific scores (eg PASI for skin, DAPSA for joints)?

Findings support further study of skin component in MDA status for PsA

Recently published results showed that although a minority of patients with psoriatic arthritis who…

Disease activity and response assessment in psoriatic arthritis using the Disease Activity index for PSoriatic Arthritis (DAPSA). A brief review

Assessment of psoriatic arthritis; Authors: Josef S. Smolen, Monika Schoels, Daniel Aletaha

DAPSA Scores Are Useful Measures of Joint Impairment and Disease Progression in Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis

Analysis of data from 2 large trials finds that cutoffs…
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Disease activity states of the DAPSA, a psoriatic arthritis specific instrument, are valid against functional status and structural progression

Background Recently, disease activity states were developed for the Disease Activity index for PSoriatic Arthritis (DAPSA). Here, we assess if different DAPSA disease activity states are associated with different degrees of functional impairment and different extents of joint damage progression in p…