Retrospective claims analysis indicated that high levels of daily and cumulative doses of systemic glucocorticoids were associated with elevated fracture risk in a large cohort of new RA patients under age 65. Heightened risk began to decline within months of discontinuation. Findings were similar a…

No surprises here.

Atop already surprising studies that linked their daily use with increased risk of kidney failure, new data…
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Proton pump inhibitors are not glorified antacids. They can have significant side-effects, and should therefore not be prescribed indiscriminately nor consumed indefinitely

Risk assessment advised in post-surgical patients

Taken at face value, this large scale retrospective nested case-control study reviewing 14 years of weight-reduction surgery records suggests that biliopancreatic diversion surgery is significantly associated with increased fragility fractures.
If the association is indeed true, it has practice-changing implications, especially in the post-surgical medical care and nutrition. And it has at least 1 plausible causal explanation: malabsorption.
But as with most retrospective epidemiological data, the study is deeply flawed by data gaps which rendered important confounders uncontrolled for: Vitamin D and calcium intake, anti-osteoporosis treatments (if any), menopause status, and even BMI.
But all is not lost. This study should prompt better designed prospective studies to answer this important research question.