(Reuters Health)—Total knee replacement can usually relieve pain and improve function, but a nonsurgical regimen can also be effective in some people without…

If and when all else fails, surgery’s pretty good for severe OA knees.

What patients always suspected is true: Total Knee Replacement is no walk-in-the-park panacea. 1% die in 3 months after surgery. 25% are still bothered by pain after 6 months. The procedure fails to restore the desired quality of life in 15%. This explains why patients see surgery as last resort. And it’s important that their expectations are realistically managed in pre-operative counselling.

TKA patients recover faster with periarticular analgesia injection

Patients more often recovered faster from a total knee arthroplasty (TKA) when they received a…
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OA Knees: Hyaluronic Acid beats Placebo