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Inflammation Tied to Bone Marrow Lesions in Knee OA

Results may facilitate development of new treatment strategies

Prevention of osteoarthritic structural damage is the way to go, since there is no cure. Regardless of the initiating cause (trauma, inappropriate loading, autoimmune disease), the inflammation will be funnelled through osteoclast activation, initiating bone remodelling and eventual regeneration of bone and cartilage. However, if the healing/regeneration cannot keep pace with the ongoing damage/degeneration, a net loss of bone and cartilage results in possibly irreversible structural defects we know as periarticular osteopaenia and osteoarthritis.

Bone marrow lesions co-locate exclusively with areas of denuded cartilage, the start of osteoarthritic structural damage

Objectives The aetiology of bone marrow lesions (BMLs) in knee osteoarthritis (OA) is poorly understood. We employed three-dimensional (3D) active appearance modelling (AAM) to study the spatial distribution of BMLs in an OA cohort and compare this with the distribution of denuded cartilage.
A new study from the Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton, shows lesions, which can best be seen on MRI scans, could help identify individuals who…


Treatment of bone marrow lesions (bone marrow edema)

Bonekey Rep. 2015 Nov 25;4:755. doi: 10.1038/bonekey.2015.124. eCollection 2015. Review
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Perhaps anti-resorptives like the Bisphosphonates and Denosumab may prove effective as “DMOADs” & “DMARDs”

Zoledronic acid reduces knee pain and bone marrow lesions over 1 year

DRIVE Trial: Denosumab and Methotrexate Prevent Joint Erosions

Joint erosions in RA result from a complex process with multiple contributing mechanisms. One of those mechanisms involves RANK receptor activation by…