FDA Backs Cartiva Implant for Osteoarthritis in the MTP Joint

An FDA panel has voted to recommend premarket approval of the Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant for use in patients with osteoarthritis in the first…


GSK announces start of a phase II study to evaluate an anti GM-CSF antibody for inflammatory hand…

Primary Osteoarthritis of the Hands is inflammatory. However, there’s a paucity of effective treatment to stanch its progression.

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An earlier anti-NGF (nerve growth factor), Tanezumab, was put on hold due to safety issues, with reports of osteonecrosis necessitating joint replacement surgery. This was despite good results for hip and knee pain due to OA, and even for back pain.
Fasinumab, also targeting NGF, appears to be showing similar efficacy.

The monoclonal antibody tanezumab, under development for the treatment of pain including that from osteoarthritis, was effective in a phase III…

The earlier safety concerns about Tanezumab (anti-Nerve Growth Factor) appear to have ebbed, and Pfizer is pushing ahead with its development with Lilly.
The push for alternative pain relief medications has recently accelerated due to the opioid epidemic in the US. Besides, opioids don’t work for OA pain, and should not be used.