OA Pathology: Cartilage

New Insights into the Structure of Collagen Fibril

A study of knee and hip articular cartilage found that thick fibers were bundles of thin fibrils—like a multi-thread rope in which each thread corresponds to a prototypic…

Elimination of Senescent Chondrocytes Reduces Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis

A study in the April 24 issue of Nature Medicine suggests that senescent cells in the joint contribute to age-related degenerative disease and that their removal can abrogate disease.

One-shot osteoarthritis drug investigated

A new drug that clears up old cells in the joints might one day offer a one-shot cure for osteoarthritis. Early trials…

Adenosine Treatment Promotes Cartilage Homeostasis

A recent study in mice examined the role of adenosine A2A receptors in joint health. Researchers specifically found that as extracellular levels of adenosine fall,…