OA as Degenerative Disease

Selectively removing old or ‘senescent’ cells from joints could stop and even reverse the…

Scientists Race to Regrow Lost Knee Cartilage

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About 14 million Americans have osteoarthritis of the knees severe enough to cause pain and inflammation, according to the Arthritis Foundation, and more people are getting the condition — also known as OA — as they age.

The real DMOADs (Disease Modifying OsteoArthritis Drugs) are here:

1) MIV-711 (Cathepsin K inhibitor)

2) Sprifermin (Fibroblast Growth Factor 18)

3) Samumed (Wnt inhibitor)

The FDA has granted fast track designation to MIV-711.

SAN DIEGO — The structural benefits of sprifermin, a novel recombinant human fibroblast growth factor 18, suggest it may be effective for the disease-modifying treatment of osteoarthritis, according to research…