Mitochondria & Aging

By boosting genes that destroy defective mitochondrial DNA, researchers can slow down and potentially reverse an important part of the aging process.

Like our cellphones, once the batteries start draining quickly with use, and we can’t replace the batteries, it’s time to replace the phones.
Mitochondria are our batteries, the elixir of eternal youth. Can we replace them?

A decade of research on intercellular mitochondrial transfer has answered some long-standing questions and raised new ones.

Yes we can! We can replenish our jaded mitochondria with fresh ones from mesenchymal stem cells. Intercellular mitochondria transfer through nanotubules, the conduit to staying forever young and strong!

Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (BM-MSCs) are capable of repairing wounded lung epithelial cells by donating cytoplasmic material and mitochondria. Recently, we characterized two populations of human lung-derived mesenchymal stromal cells isolated from digested parenchymal lung tissue…

Apart from producing growth factors or differentiating into the cells they are supposed to help regenerate, mesenchymal stem cells have another means to this end: mitochondria donation.

Cell death and differentiation is a monthly…

Potentially, any distressed or exhausted cell can hijack and milk mesenchymal stem cells to cheat death and get a new lease on life and vitality. The fear that cancers may do just that was borne out by a recent report of a massive spinal tumour developing after repeated intrathecal injections of stem cells in a bid to recover from a stroke.

A Cautionary Tale of ‘Stem Cell Tourism’

Desperate patients are turning to therapy at unregulated clinics overseas that say they can treat many diseases. But one man experienced tragic consequences.|By Gina Kolata