Stomach Of Ancient Iceman Held Microbes Like Ours

Scientists analyzed the tummy of a 5,300-year-old ice mummy and found bacteria that many modern humans still carry.
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The Microbiome: Our Ancient Friends & Foes
One of them, Helicobacter Pylori, can apparently be a friend, not just the villain it’s been made out to be. Perhaps it’s got to do with how we (our immune system, to be precise) micro-manage the social micro-milieu.

Microbiota-Generated Metabolites Promote Metabolic Benefits via Gut-Brain Neural Circuits

(A–G) Food intake (A) and body weight gain (B) of rats fed standard or butyrate-, propionate- or…

The Microbiome & Metabolic Disorders: Insulin-Resistance, Obesity

How Your Gut Affects Your Bones

The surprising new science of how intestinal bacteria control bone strength
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The Microbiome & Metabolic Disorders: Osteoporosis

Can the stuff in yogurt lower the risk for Type 1 diabetes? A USF study says maybe

Studies have long shown probiotics are good for your gut.

The Microbiome & Metabolic/Autoimmune Disorders: Type 1 Diabetes