The Microbiome & Autoimmune Disorders: Lupus (SLE)

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The Microbiome & Autoimmune Disorders: Inflammatory Arthritides (RA, PsA, AS)

Despite the relative novelty of the human microbiome as an area of study, a substantial body of evidence has accumulated addressing its potential involvement in the pathogenesis of rheumatic disease. This review article explores the available data in animal and human studies, focusing on the role of…


Research points to evidence showing that microorganisms inside our bodies could play a role…

Microbiota and arthritis: correlations or cause?

Purpose of review: The microorganisms that colonise our bodies, the commensal ‘microbiota’, respond to changes in our behaviour and environment, and can also profoundly affect our health. We can now investigate these organisms with unprecedented depth and precision, revealing that they may contri…


Rheumatoid arthritis, or as some refer to it, RA, appears to have a close relationship with…

A new study from Stockholm, Sweden, strengthens the link between the lungs and anti-citrullinated protein antibody (ACPA)–positive RA. After analyzing the…
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