Knee OA Treatment

In a study of 148 patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee, combination therapy of…

Dietary supplements for OA by and large either do not work, or the effect size is small. Combining them is usually non-additive in terms of outcome. You merely compound the cost and inconvenience.

Nanoparticle injections may be future of osteoarthritis treatment

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown in mice that they can inject nanoparticles into an injured joint suffering from osteoarthritis and suppress inflammation immediately following an injury, reducing the destruction of cartilage.

Different phenotypes, with different disease mechanisms, may allow tailored treatment

Perhaps why no particular treatment seems to work particularly well in all OA patients is because OA is a diverse disease with diverse causes. This study identified 6 subtypes.
Perhaps tailoring treatment according to the subtype will yield better outcomes.

Does this patient have osteoarthritis?Osteoarthritis is a slowly progressive joint disease caused by breakdown of articular cartilage and subsequent remodeling of the subchondral bone. It typically occurs in patients over 40. Risk factors for the development of osteoarthritis include age, family his…

If you feel overwhelmed by the whole OA phenome and targeted therapy thing in the earlier post, this set of (Aussie?) guidelines harks back to simpler times when one size fits all.