Knee OA: Physical Therapy

Gait Is Key to Capturing Effects of DJS on Knee OA

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Capturing the concomitant effect of knee kinetics and kinematics during gait, knee sagittal dynamic joint stiffness (DJS) is a potentially modifiable risk factor for patellofemoral (PF) disease worsening, a recent study found. Researchers evaluated a cohort of participants who had osteoarthritis (OA…

Knee Instability Symptom Factors in OA Examined

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Vibratory acuity and quadriceps muscle strength are important predictors of the incidence and worsening of knee instability over 2 years, a recent study found. These neuromuscular factors are potentially modifiable and should be considered in interventional studies of instability in persons with or…

In OA, Some Exercise Better than None

Ostoarthritis patients had improved function with 45 minutes of activity per week

Running actually lowers inflammation in knee joints

We all know that running causes a bit of inflammation and soreness, and that’s just the price you pay for cardiovascular health. You know; no pain, no gain.

Patient and Provider Education Fails to Improve Osteoarthritis Outcomes

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A randomized trial of 537 knee osteoarthritis (OA) patients in the Duke Healthcare system has shown that patient- and provider interventions were no better than the usual standard of care.