Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases are Not Rare in HIV Patients

HIV infection and AIDs has been associated with numerous complications, presumably resulting from impaired immunity from infection.  Sporadic cases and small cohorts of patients with rheumatic and autoimmune syndromes have been described but epidemiology data on the prevalence is scarce.

HIV-Associated Rheumatic Conditions

This extensive literature review synthesizes hundreds of reports of rheumatic conditions seen in patients with HIV.

Therapy Insight: Rheumatic Disease in HIV Infection

The impact of the global HIV pandemic continues to grow and rheumatologists need to be aware of the spectrum of rheumatic diseases that occur in HIV-positive individuals, as outlined in this review.

Serious Infections are Not Increased in HIV Patients Treated with TNF Inhibitors

Infections are a concern for many when using tumor necrosis factor-α inhibitor (TNFi) therapy to treat inflammatory disorders. Even moreso in those at higher risk.

Severe, Refractory Psoriasis in HIV-Positive Patients: Are TNF Inhibitors a Solution?

Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are more prevalent, often more severe, and sometimes refractory to conventional treatments in HIV-positive patients, but clinicians are understandably concerned about moving on to immunosuppressive anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF) agents when other treatments fail.