Gout & Diet

Best and Worst Gout Foods

What you eat or drink can affect your uric acid levels and help to trigger a gout attack. Find out which foods can help or hurt your diet game plan.


Ketogenic diet may protect against gout

Could the low-carb, high-fat diet be helpful in treating the symptoms of gout? A new study investigates how the diet affects rodents and humans.


DASH Diet Wards Off Gout

Blood pressure diet shows ancillary benefits in men


Amongst all the various types of arthritis, Gout has the closest and most direct link to diet, and is amenable to dietary modifications. Even then, only a third of our daily production of uric acid comes from the food we eat; the rest (and the bulk) comes from the turnover of cells.

This means that dietary control alone is unlikely to be enough for most sufferers to achieve the degree of uric acid lowering necessary to address the arthritis and other complications of Gout.

Urate lowering medication is unavoidable to prevent worse metabolic and cardiovascular complications. Nevertheless, dietary moderation and good hydration is prudent.

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