Gout, CKD & CVD

Risks were lowest for dosages of 300 mg/day or higher

Allopurinol probably reduces the risk of renal failure through the lowering of uric acid, which is nephrotoxic. It seems that the higher the dose of Allopurinol, the lower the risk.
The unfortunate thing in Gout treatment is that most patients are not adequately dosed to reduce serum uric acid to the target of below 6 mg% (350 umol/L). This may be out of unwarranted fear that higher doses of Allopurinol are more toxic.
In fact, higher doses (well above 300mg daily) of Allopurinol are often needed to achieve target, with the rare patient needing 800mg even. Such prescriptions often freak out many pharmacists!

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Hyperuricaemia is a very treatable cause of chronic kidney impairment.

Hyperuricemia Increases Risk of Diabetes, Death and CV Disorders in Hypertensive Patients

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