Here’s What Triggers Overeating (And What You Can Do To Break The Cycle)

In order to make a positive change, you need to stop feeling guilty for overdoing it…|By Kayla Itsines

Providers, lawmakers, and public must curb stigma, invest in solutions

Overeating can be an addiction, a bad habit with potentially dire health consequences, and which sufferers find themselves helpless to shake off. While the US Surgeon General’s categorisation of an addiction as a “disease” (albeit a mental one) rather than a moral failing may help to destigmatise it, what is more important is whether this move would motivate more “patients” (not “addicts”) to seek medical help, and whether such medical treatment is effective.

As important and useful as the knowledge of the second meal effect is, it is important to continue research in this area and elucidate the exact mechanisms

This may be one way of mitigating the adverse consequences of overeating.