Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome

This article discusses how we approach medical decision making in the treatment of the various facets of the antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), including secondary prophylaxis in the setting of venous and arterial thrombosis, as well as treatment for the prevention of recurrent miscarriages and fetal…

This article discusses the most recent findings about the pathogenesis and treatment of the antiphospholipid syndrome.
This article presents an overview of new pathogenetic mechanisms in antiphospholipid Syndrome as well as novel antithrombotic and…
Lupus anticoagulant was the only antiphospholipid antibody linked with poor birth outcome

Lupus Anticoagulant alone is adequate to predict late pregnancy adverse outcomes, this study suggests, with similar prognostic value as a triple positive (Anti-Cardiolipin, Anti-ß2-Glycoprotein-I & Lupus Anticoagulant).
This will allow for stratification of those at the highest risk for serious complications to receive the most intensive therapy (IVIG + steroid + heparin + aspirin).