Behçet's & Crohn's

Behçet’s syndrome: a critical digest of the 2014-2015 literature

One year in review; Authors: Gulen Hatemi, Emire Seyahi, Izzet Fresko, Rosaria Talarico, Vedat Hamuryudan

Being in an endemic area, I would routinely screen for Tuberculosis, these days with IGRA (Quantiferon or T-Spot). Recurrent oral ulcers can be a TH1 response to mycobacteria.
Recurrent oral ulcerations may be a feature of Crohn’s Disease too. I would check stool calprotectin, stool occult blood, and serum ASCA.
A confluence of positive results, especially if accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms, warrants further endoscopic and possibly CT scan evaluation for TB or IBD.
There’s also intestinal Behçet’s. Perhaps Crohn’s and Behçet’s are overlapping phenotypes of a particular immune response.

DLX105 is a novel treatment strategy for Behçet’s flares

COPENHAGEN – An ultrasmall yet highly potent single-chain antibody fragment directed against…|By BRUCE JANCIN

Management of Active Crohn Disease

Cheifetz reviews the diagnosis and management of Crohn disease, including discussion of newer treatments and goals of care.