Exercise can help ease arthritis pain – but which one is best? The answer is as unique as you are. Your Exercise Solution tool provides a personalized…

YES: Your Exercise Solution. This is a useful app from Arthritis Foundation for DIY exercise prescription. There are exercises just right for you depending on your problem joint and your fave sports.

Mice that ran on a wheel developed fewer tumors by a large margin.

As exercises go, running is probably the most accessible and cheapest. No gym membership or special skills required. It’s probably the most effective for weight loss too. Any other benefit comes as a bonus.

Study finds aerobic exercise increases the neuron reserves in the area of the brain responsible for learning

You have probably come across this article umpteenth times, but it’s like preaching to the converted. If you’re not into it, this article will not change your mind. For those who dig running, this is nice to know.

Background/aim This randomised controlled trial investigated if the usage of running shoes with a motion control system modifies injury risk in regular leisure-time runners compared to standard shoes, and if this influence depends on foot…

If you need further convincing that running is good for you, this article (and the next) is not for you. It’s manuscript for the choir.
Motion control shoes help to protect runners, especially over-pronators, from injury.

This prospective study explored the effects of endurance running (ER) in minimal versus standard…

If you go barefoot, then running is as close to accessories-free as any sport can get.
While structured shoes provide protection, minimal shoes strengthen the feet. Take your pick: dainty or hunky feet?

Is It Harmful To Heel Strike When Running?

Research says it might not be as dangerous as we’ve been made to think.

C’mon, guys, you don’t need research to tell you how to run (perhaps you ain’t running enough? Reference earlier brain health article).
Just run instinctively. Your body figured that out long ago.