(Epi)genetic Immunotherapy

DNA Methylation Inhibitors in Cancer Therapy: The Immunity Dimension

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DNA demethylating agents are approved for some blood malignancies and are under active…

Inhibiting DNA Methylation Causes an Interferon Response in Cancer via dsRNA Including Endogenous Retroviruses

DNA methyltransferase inhibitors upregulate endogenous retroviruses in tumor cells to induce an growth-inhibiting immune response. High expression of the genes associated with the anti-viral response seems to potentiate a response to immune checkpoint therapy.

Molecular Pathways: At the Crossroads of Cancer Epigenetics and Immunotherapy

Epigenetic regulation allows heritably modulating gene expression profiles without modifying the primary sequence of gDNA. Under physiologic conditions, epigenetic patterns determine tissue-specific gene expression landscapes, gene imprinting, inactivation of chromosome X, and preservation of genomi…

Chinese scientists to trial revolutionary gene-editing technique on cancer patients

A ground-breaking gene-editing technique is to be tested on humans for the first time, with Chinese oncologists trialling the innovation on lung cancer patients.

CRISPR gene-editing tested in a person for the first time

The move by Chinese scientists could spark a biomedical duel between China and the United States.