Dysbiosis & Allergy/Asthma

Prebiotics, Probiotics and Pediatric Allergic Diseases

The role of microbioma is more and more recognized as fundamental for the developement of the immunitary system. Professor Alessandro Fiocchi (Rome, Italy) talks about the attempts to use microbioma modulation to treat and prevent allergic diseases. If the use of prebiotics and probioticsat a therap…

Asthma and the microbiome: defining the critical window in early life

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory immune disorder of the airways affecting one in ten children in westernized countries. The geographical disparity combined with a…

Role of Vitamin D in the Hygiene Hypothesis: The Interplay between Vitamin D, Vitamin D Receptors, Gut Microbiota, and Immune Response

The hygiene hypothesis postulates that higher levels of cleanliness and improper exposure to microorganisms early in childhood could disturb the intestinal microbiome resulting in abnormal immune responses. Recently, more attention has been put on how a lack of sun exposure and consequently vitamin…