Dactylitis & Enthesitis

Six causes of dactylitis (sausage fingers)

Dactylitis is swelling of the fingers that causes a sausage-like appearance. Learn about causes of dactylitis, including syphilis and sickle cell disease.

Dactylitis signals more severe psoriatic arthritis

SNOWMASS, COLO. – Studies of dactylitis and enthesitis – two commonly misdiagnosed extra-articular manifestations of psoriatic arthritis – are revealing much about their presentation in patients…

Enthesitis, dactylitis associated with greater burden of disease in psoriatic arthritis

Enthesitis and dactylitis were associated with a greater burden of disease in patients with psoriatic arthritis,…

Enthesitis Predicts Damage in PsA

Severe enthesitis linked with worse peripheral and axial joint outcomes

Ustekinumab trumps TNF-blockade for enthesitis in patients with psoriatic arthritis

After 6 months, 71% of those taking ustekinumab showed total enthesitis clearance.