Cellular Immunotherapy: DC & NK

Dendritic Cell Therapy for Cancer

What is DC Therapy? Dendritic Cell (DC) Therapy or so-called Dendritic Cell vaccine is a newly emerging and potent form of immune therapy used to treat cancer. Only recently (2010) approved by the …

Systemic RNA delivery to dendritic cells exploits antiviral defence for cancer immunotherapy

RNA-LPX of negative net charge deliver RNA-encoded antigens body-wide to lymphoid-resident DCs.
Lymphoid organs, in which antigen presenting cells (APCs) are in close proximity to T cells, are the ideal microenvironment for efficient priming and amplification of…

Harnessing NK Cell Memory for Cancer Immunotherapy

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Due to their ability to kill cancer cells and produce proinflammatory cytokines, natural killer (NK) cells have long been of clinical interest for their antitumor properties. The recent discovery of NK cell memory demonstrates that NK cell functions, and potentially antitumor responses, can be enhan…