Cardiovascular Risks in Rheumatic Diseases

Exploring Link Between CV and Rheumatic Diseases

Does the ACC/AHA provide a more accurate assessment of cardiovascular risk in rheumatic patients than the Framingham, or is it overestimating it?

WASHINGTON – A PCSK9 inhibitor reduced hard cardiovascular endpoints on top of statin therapy.

Attractive pricing and money-back-guarantee may encourage uptake of this biologic more than cold data.

Drug Caused Arterial Plaque in Mice to ‘Melt Away’

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Regression observed after initial dose

“Trodusquemine, a protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B inhibitor also evaluated as a treatment for cancer and diabetes.”


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Trodusquemine, also called MSI-1436, is an aminosterol that was originally isolated from the spiny dogfish…