Bisphosphonates & Odanacatib

Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Disease Burden Higher in Patients With Osteoporosis vs Those With Bone Malignancy

By Frances Morin …

Study Finds Common Osteoporosis Drug Does Not Raise Risk of Femur Fracture

Taking the osteoporosis drug alendronate (Fosamax) for a decade or more doesn’t appear to increase the risk of rare femur (thighbone) fractures (also known as…

Bisphosphonates Reduce All-Cause Mortality in Women and Men

Use of a bisphosphonate, especially alendronate, reduces all-cause mortality in both women and men compared to non-use and it appears to do so independent of any…

Development of odanacatib has been discontinued, and regulatory approval will not be sought. <br />

Odanacatib bites the dust, finally.
This at the end of a line of several developers of other Cathepsin K inhibitors folded:
“Ono Pharmaceutical was also developing a drug in the class called ONO-5334 but pulled the programme in 2012 without giving reasons for the decision, while Medivir discontinued its MIV 701 in 2009 and Novartis dropped its balicatib candidate in 2006 after it was found to cause skin lesions.”