Anti-Ro & Pregnancy

Anti-Ro and Anti-La in pregnancy

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“The risk of cardiac NL is 2-5% for an anti-Ro positive woman who has either never been pregnant or who has had only previously healthy offspring. If an anti-Ro positive mother has had a previously affected child with cardiac NL, the risk increases to approximately 18%. Importantly, if an anti-Ro positive mother has had a previous child with a skin rash consistent with neonatal lupus, the chance of having a subsequent child with cardiac NL is about 13%.”

“Congenital heart block (CHB) is the most severe form of NNLS and affects approximately 2% of babies born to anti-Ro/La-positive mothers.[97] This risk increases six- to ten-fold to 18% if the mother has already had a child affected by CHB, and up to 50% if she has had two affected children.

The risk of perinatal death amongst affected children is approximately one in five, and most surviving children need a permanent pacemaker.

In mothers with SLE with anti-Ro/La, exposure to HCQ during pregnancy may decrease the risk of fetal CHB.”