If approved for the new indication, ORENCIA would be the first biologic therapy with an EU indication specifically applicable to the treatment of MTX-naive RA patients with highly active and progressive disease Would mark the first time that MRI assessment of structural and inflammatory measures of…

More recent clinical trials, like AVERT and AGREE on the use of Abatacept for RA, and U-ACT-Early on Tocilizumab, seek to demonstrate that the first-line use of biologics in early but bad prognosis RA can:
1) deliver sustained remission faster;
2) retard structural damage better; and
3) increase rates of drug-free remission even.

Such results may sway expert opinion, and perhaps guidelines eventually, to frontload biologics for those with bad prognosis. Sensitive imaging modalities like MRI and ultrasound may be helpful in demonstrating erosions, a bad prognosis indicator.

Subcutaneous abatacept seen as effective, safe in patients with JIA

According to results presented at the EULAR Annual Congress, subcutaneous abatacept was safe and effective for patients with polyarticular forms of…

Abatacept may be helpful for patients with RA-associated Sjögren’s syndrome

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