A strict Low FODMAP diet is not for life

FODMAPs is a acronym for those low molecular weight, poorly-absorbed sugars that either retain excess fluid in the gut or are fermented releasing gas.

Too much/little of a good/bad thing is unsustainable and inadvisable. Consider a Balanced Diet.

From Atkin’s (low carbs) to Mediterranean (high antioxidants), Wheat/Gluten-free, Paleo/Caveman (no grain), now FODMAP (low fermentable oligo-/di-/mono-saccharide and polyols), and even MRT-LEAP (mediator release test-based lifestyle eating and performance), there appears no scarcity to self-help/flagellation formulae to relieve the afflicted. Just don’t kill yourself trying to get a life!

ELIM Rheumatic Centre's photo.

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