Stem Cell Therapy

In 1893, a German scientist made a striking discovery: Cells from a fetus hide out in a mother’s body after birth. Scientists say these cells alter the risk of breast…|By Morning Edition

Foeto-maternal Microchimerism and Autoimmunity.


Microchimerism (abbreviated Mc) is the presence of a small number of cells that originate from another individual and are therefore genetically distinct from the cells of the host individual. This phenomenon may be related to certain types of autoimmune diseases; however, the mechanisms responsible…

Emmanuel, God with us. Blessed Christmas, everyone!

Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Based Therapy in Lupus & Scleroderma

Failure of mesenchymal stem cells in GVHD – is devil in the cell prep?

As we all know, Phase III clinical trial, sponsored by Osiris Therapeutics and assessed efficacy of…

Has Osiris’ Prochymal, one of the most promising immunomodulatory stem cell product trialed for GvHD and Crohn’s in the last decade, finally bitten the dust?

NEW YORK and MELBOURNE, Australia, April 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Regenerative medicine company Mesoblast Limited (ASX:MSB; USOTC:MBLTY) today provided an update on its clinical programs using the product Prochymal®, which was acquired as part of the entire culture-expanded mesenchymal stem cell…|By Mesoblast

White Knight Mesoblast holds out hope for Prochymal in Crohn’s, even GvHD, perhaps other refractory rheumatic diseases as well! Stem cell therapy may well pave the way for Rheumatology to advance into the era of Regenerative Medicine.