Tai Chi Offers Similar Benefits to Physical Therapy for Knee OA

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 11, 2015 (HealthDay News) — For patients with knee osteoarthritis, Tai Chi and…

I just might consider taking up Tai Chi if they spin it to dissociate from an “older person’s exercise”. Like re-branding it with a snazzier name, set it to new age music, or pair it with TheraBands. And what’s with the baggy pants and Chinese tops stereotype?

Tai chi can lower heart disease risk in women with rheumatoid arthritis

Elderly women with rheumatoid arthritis can reduce their risk of developing heart disease by practicing…www.rightrelevance.com

Rigorous Exercise Could Aid Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain severity can be reduced with high-intensity training, such as cycling, according to a recent study.

Exercise to Boost Spine Muscles Can Ease Back Pain

Clinical trial review shows motor control exercise helpful for lower back

Exercise May Reduce Pain in Older Patients

Researchers studied elderly patients with arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions enrolled in an exercise program in order to test the idea that an exercise…

Why You Can Stop Doing Sit-Ups

Exercise gurus and military experts are pushing for alternate exercises, like plank pose, to prevent back…
wsj.com|By Rachel Bachman

NOT any exercise will do. Some may do more harm than good. Will sit-ups go the way of the dodo like star jumps, frog leaps and duck walks?